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Jorge Cervantes is the author of Indoor Marijuana Horticulture - The Indoor Bible and more than a dozen other marijuana cultivation books. Cervantes is also a monthly columnist in High Times magazine, providing answers to all grower questions in "Jorge Rx." He is considered to be the reigning cannabis guru nd therefore his books are fantastic go-to guides for growers of all levels. Jorge Cervantes is internationally reknowned as one of the first and foremost researchers and authors of marijuana cultivation.

This edition of The Indoor Bible has been a best seller since 1983. It focuses on giving the reader information on both indoor and outdoor growing, medical marijuana, security, lighting, fertilizers, hydroponics, Sea of Green, seeds, seedlings, vegetative growth, mother plants, cloning, flowering, harvesting and curing, diseases, pests, breeding, hash making and anything else you need to know about growing cannabis with more than 1,100 full color photos and drawings which detail every thing any grower should know in an easy-to-understand book.

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Indoor Marijuana Horticulture - The Indoor Bible


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