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Hawaiian Herbal Hydro


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Final mark 19/20

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Recently at growing-marijuana.org we received lots of mails about Hawaiian Herbal Hydro Buds. Are we pro or con? Does it works or not?
Until a week ago I did not know what to say. My opinion was that this is all just a lead of.

This month we take a look at Herbal Smoke Shop. They were "voted the best of the best 100% legal alternative smokes by Top Smokers magazine readers 7 years in a row!". The site left us a good impression by having a good design, easy navigation and fast secure check out.

The Herbal Shop offers a truly fast discreet billing and shipping. We order Hawaiian Herbal Hydro Buds and Red Dawn Herbal. The price is affordable and you can choose from different combo deals. A great surprise was a free 3 sample bags. We did not expect that.

We were not familiar with legal highs so we ordered the Hawaiian Herbal Hydro Buds and Herboponic Legal Bud - the top selling products.

Hawaiian Herbal Hydro Buds

"voted the best of the best 100% legal alternative smokes 7 years in a Hawiian Herbal Hybrid BUDS! 100% Legal Herbal Smokes Shipping WORLDWIDE from www.herbalsmokeshop.com !row!". You will find a detailed page about this plant containing a short history and description on the site. Our goal was to try this herb and make an opinion about it.

The plant smells very well. It is a fresh wild opium Hawaiian scent. It feels a bit sticky somehow like an Indica marijuana feels. We did not had problems rolling it the plant being very well dried out. The buds are a bit bigger then a good weed bud, this why it is recommended to roll your joints by using a roller.
The joints were made pure with no other mixes. An interesting thing we noticed was that the plant gives a fresh opium scent in the room. If there are any passive smokers around they will be hit by the powerful aroma.
After the first smokes we were able to have pretty clear taste of this joint - sweet and fresh, exotic hawaiian taste. The results were fast. I was amazed by the power of this legal drug. It produces a high similar to an indica - a body type stone, relaxing and hypnotic.

Our conclusion:
Pro: powerful, great smelllegal highs
Con: difficult to roll a joint if you do not have experience

Hawaiian Herbal Hydro Buds Review

It is a must try even if you are an expert weed smoker. It left me an interesting experience. We ordered another shipment of Hawaiian Herbal Hydro Buds and also ordered some Red Dawn Herbal and Black Hasis. A full review about Red Dawn will soon be added to this page.

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Added Herboponic Legal Bud review by Alain Ross.

NEW in-store
We need reviews for:Black Hash, Skunk Weed,Purple Haze and Hydroponic Weed. If you experienced any of this please contact us. Our editors will call or mail you for a quick 10 questions review. The review add is scheduled for the end of May.

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