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From highly respected cultivation writer Tom Flowers, Flowers shows in his detailed book that hydroponics are more sophisticated today due to the increase of digital technology. With this book's easy to follow text and full-color photographs the world of hydroponics is thoroughly illustrated using these mediums. The book also shows how to set up a efficient marijuana garden, how to implement basic growing techniques and maximize a high-production yield and potency.

This book highly detailed book is sophisticated yet surprisingly easy for any grower of any level to comprehend and documents the newest methods being used to cultivate high-grade, high-THC potency cannabis. Marijuana Hydro Gardens also covers such using digital technology and its components such as timers, fertilizer monitors for both the hobbyist and the technically inclined. Its 110 pages with eight pages of glossy, eye-popping,full-color photos.

This book also goes over the latest developments in automated and semi-automated hydroponic growing systems Prepare to look at the simplest way to set up a garden are share a wealth of more detailed grower information.

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Marijuana Hydro Gardens: The Techno Grow


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