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In this follow-up to Jason King's first Cannabible, the authoritative cannabis connoisseur and world-acclaimed pot photographer continues on his quest to share yet another amazing collection of marijuana varieties and important notes about these tasty strains. King has been globe-trotting around the world ever since his first book was published. In its sequel he has brought more of the kind.

The Cannabible 2 boasts more than 200 hand-picked strains, and, in addition, more of his signature microphotography, which gets up close and personal with the buds of these plants. This book focuses on the visual and takes the experience of referencing buds and plants to a different level. King finds the "Holy Grail" of marijuana and in the double page spreads and sidebars, King writes in detail about the marijuana and chocolate connection, the tolerance factor, the medical marijuana movement and more.

As a true pioneer in his field, Jason King has developed a unique glossary of terms which he uses to describe the tastes, aromas and effects of marijuana.

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The Cannabible 2



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