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This gorgeous, large-print format book combines cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal's informative articles (covering a broad array of topics such as: indoor gardening, outdoor gardening, special techniques, and making quality hashish) together with bright, full-color images and an abundance of interesting graphics. Marijuana Success Volume 2 focuses on such issues and solutions that the home grower needs to know. The book also offers a hands-on perspective of such gardening methods as the medical grow garden to continuous harvest setups (Sea of Green) to outdoor hydroponics. Many additional articles offer more practical and easy-to-implement advice on topics such as garden regeneration, ecological farming, and producing all-female seeds.

Marijuana Success Volume 2 gives a full-color collection tour of both real indoor and outdoor gardens. This book gives the grower more great ways to cultivate high yielding gardens, both indoors and out. With these great tips from Ed Rosenthal, all gardeners will notice a difference in their crops.

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Marijuana Success Volume 2: Grow a Great Garden


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