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This book is an important introduction to the advanced technology of growing marijuana without soil. Most marijuana growers are developing more high-tech ways to achieve higher yielding crops. Marijuana Hydroponics: High-Tech Water Culture is one of the most helpful guides to growing cannabis without soil. This book contains all the information a grower needs to make a fully functioning hydroponic system using nutrient solutions in controlled environments.

This extremely detailed guide to developing methods of growing without soil contains equipment lists, diagrams and a step-by-step instructional set for assembly of a hydro system which should become a high-yield water-culture growing system.

This book will give growers important information on lighting for both growth and flowering, mineral nutrients, nutrient flow technique, water culture, atmosphere control, temperature factors, vegetative and reproductive growth, harvesting, using rockwool as a medium and curing of hydroponics crops.
Marijuana Hydroponics is a must have for all marijuana growers interested in growing their cannabis hydroponically or for those currently using a hydro system so they can learn other techniques to use with their systems.

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Marijuana Hydroponics


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