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Joining both environmental consciousness along with organic growing techniques, Growing Marijuana Hydroponically is a book for growers who have already delved into marijuana cultivation before. With its bits of folk wisdom, this book shows the widely unknown growing secrets of using sphagnum peat moss and intake air filters to get an increase inhigher yields.

Even though the book is not very detailed on the hydroponics systems it presents, the nutrients, equipment, and pests very well documented.
The Techno Grow overall is a good book but it doesn't cover everything there is to know. Is recommended to read this book combining it with another source of information.

This interesting book outlines the details of the Sea of Green (SCROG) method of marijuana cultivation, which is essentially a continuous harvest to maximize growers' yields. Since the book really only describes the SCROG method which is mostly based on cloning, this book really targets the big-time grower. For the more small-scale producer, this book probably is not for you, though you can pick up more than a few hints about how to go about getting into a full-scale production. The techniques discussed in this book are an enjoyable insight into one grower's world. Especially the piece about the wick method…

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Growing Marijuana Hydroponically



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