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In our quest of becoming one of the largest free growing marijuana community we grow and grow and grow…Soon after growing-marijuana.org boost into search engine rankings and visitors flood in we encountered a big problem - exceeding bandwidth. Bills came in, we had to pay for hosting fees, extra bandwidth costs, maintenance costs and all swords of monthly fees

Hi, my name is Albert Henderson, I provide search engine optimization and affiliate programs marketing. This month I am announcing a new successful affiliate program for every webmaster that owns a marijuana related website.

Quality Products + Targeted Traffic + Amazing Conversions Rates + Big Commissions

What are affiliate programs and how they work? By sending traffic from your website to H & H Enterprises affiliate site, the link you imbedded into your website is encoded with your unique Affiliate ID. When the user clicks through the link, a cookie is placed on the users machine (providing the user has cookies enabled) that expires after 60 days.
In a Nut Shell: for every sale that have been made from your website you will get a %25 commission.

Why does growing-marijuana.org uses and recommends H & H Enterprises affiliate program? We tried different affiliate programs witch convert well but this is definitively the best. There are several reasons that give this affiliate program an unique touch:

Quality Products: We tried some of the products before we recommend them to our visitors. They are great and so does our visitors think. We have an amazing 30% returning customers rate. This means "Life Time" commissions. H & H Enterprises offers all purchasable only online the "Hot" products like: marijuana alternatives, herbal legal highs, salvia divinorum, herbal hydro buds.

Targeted traffic: If you own a marijuana related site this is the perfect affiliate program to use. Remember these products can only be purchase form the Internet.

Amazing Conversions Rates: H & H Enterprises say that their conversion rate is up to 10%. We manage a 4.81% on our site. This means that from 100 visitors 5 to 10 will make a purchase.
Fast Numbers: Form 100 visitors per day you will make from 5 to 10 orders - 5 to 10 commissions, medium commission amount $15. Your total affiliate revenue is 5x15$. Due to the great products, sales messages and site usability they manage to offer one of the biggest conversion rate I had ever worked with.

Big Commissions: You will get 25% form any sale you generate. On growing-marijuana.org the average commission is $15.

2 Level Commissions: For every webmaster that will sign to H & H Enterprises from your affiliate link you will get 10% from the sales they generate.

Aditional Tips: Great webmaster support, ontime payments, the affiliate program is powered by Aff_Manager 3.0 and it is very easy to use. When the user clicks through the link, a cookie is placed on the users machine (providing the user has cookies enabled) that expires after 60 days. It is an 100% legal income source. You have just to place HTML links or banners on your site and they will do the rest: payment processing, handling and shipping, customer support.

Way we recommend this program?
It works
If you sign to H & H Enterprises affiliate program from this page our web marketing specialists will guide you in installing the program and optimizing your website in order to gain web traffic. If YOU make money WE make money, thing that allows us to keep our site going.

Personal assistance: gorwing-marijuana.org can be found in Google, Yahoo, Aol, iWon, Alexa and many more search engines under top rankings. This is due to our web marketing specialists team. April only: we will optimize and properly submit any site that joins our H & H Enterprises affiliate program from this page and links to our site.
The free service includes Meta Tags optimization, HTML optimization, correct ODP submission and Page Rank improvements.

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